Chapter 54 NEWS


March 2001

Volume 44, Issue 3

March Gathering

will be held on

Date: 3/12/2001

Time 7:00 pm Social

7:30 pm Program

Location: Christ Lutheran Church in Lake Elmo

Topic: Mark Mathison- Chief Pilot for  Wipaire, Inc.



  President's Corner

Here it is the first of March and I've got the worst case of cabin fever! I've been hibernating all winter and I'm getting pretty tired of it. Being retired is nice because I don't have to go to work, but I wish the weather could be nicer. I look out the window and still see large piles of snow on the boulevard. I'm sick of shoveling the stuff! It seems Iike I have been shoveling my sidewalks about three times a week lately. It's enough to make a person goofy!

Now that I've gotten that off of my chest, I guess I should look forward to spring with some optimism. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and allow us to get our airplanes out to do the fixing up, dusting off and flying of them. It should be a good flying spring what with all the airplanes around getting anxious to fly. I am looking forward to getting acquainted with Marlon Gunderson's new acquisition, the Piper J-5. We should be doing a lot of flying. Tim Reberg and I are both getting anxious to get his Citabria back in the air after the repairs to the damage from the August storm of 2000. I know that Roger Rand is also looking forward to getting back in the air after a long layoff. All of the people over at the Anderson's Hangar have been working hard all winter preparing their fleet with great anticipation of the coming spring flying season. The Apache has had some gremlins in the hydraulic system and they have been chasing them around. From my observation, I think that they are catching up to them and chasing them away. The skyhawk has been undergoing an extensive annual this year and I believe that it's going to be in great flying condition. Dennis Hoffman has been going through every nut, bolt, washer and cotter pin of the Cessna 170 and is reassembling the old girl. A little polishing (we-e-ell maybe a lot of polishing) and he's ready to go. The Midget Mustang sits in the hangar almost trembling it is so excited about the coming warm weather. Dennis is also quivering in anticipation too! I think, after he has upped the horsepower and installed a starter in the L-4, he is waiting for a chance to get back at "Elvira" the Taylorcraft L2-B. in order to see if he can make her eat his dust. And speaking of the Taylorcraft L2-B, I think both her and I would very much like to see some blue sky between us and the ground. If I do that, I will certainly have to give equal time to my biplane so as not to create any jealousy or hard feelings. Jerry Sarracco, how's your fleet coming? Gary Miller, you got that engine back in the bonanza and running yet? Paul Leidl, I know your fleet of airplanes is all ready, let's get going! Bob-a-louie, is the Fairchild F-24 all set? I'm looking forward to seeing Hoover's shiny fleet of silver airplanes setting outside with a nice green grass background. Man! Wouldn't it be great to see all of these airplanes lined up in a row on the grass ready to fly? C'mo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-n Springtime!!!!!

There is one harbinger of Spring that should be appearing elsewhere in the March newsletter. The announcement of the annual banquet on Monday, May 14. Tim Reberg, the Events Chairman, has been hard at work organizing that program. He has been in contact with Leif Erickson, the past Chairman, getting the details ironed out and being brought up to date. The Restaurant, Mancinis, is confirmed for the 14th of May and we have a speaker lined up (Norm Petersen). We need some help coming up with a good assortment of door prizes. We should have some dinners for two at a nice restaurant for a door prize. The Kupferschmidts are getting hungry. (Don't they always win that prize?)

The date for the fly-in Pancake Breakfast is also set. Sunday, August 12. It's not too early to start planning for that event. I'll be looking in to the possibility of our Chapter running a food concession booth at the Anoka County Airport's Aviation Days in May. I lost the guy's number and name for a contact due to a computer glitch. Hopefully Jerry Sarracco still has that information.

I hope to schedule a board meeting for March. It's imperative that we discuss what needs to be done to achieve tax exempt 501C-3 status for our Chapter. I would like to hold the meeting on one of these Saturdays. Tell me your thoughts and schedules to see if a Saturday meeting would be possible. The general meeting will take place for the Chapter members on Monday, March 12, at 7:30 PM. The location for the meeting will, as usual, be at Christ Lutheran Church of Lake Elmo. There is the possibility that the speaker will be Mark Mathison, Chief Pilot for Wipaire, Inc. Also, Norm Weston is planning to do a presentation on a scale model that he has designed.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all there.

                                                        ------ Bill Schanks



Treasurer’s Report: 12/27/2001

Building Fund $2,767.45

Operations     $7,860.03

Cash                 $ 25.00


Total            $10,652.48

Not much activity this month, one new member, six renewals, and 1 calendar sold. March interest will be about $40.00.

Regular Calendars are SOLD OUT. We have four ‘LightPlane/Ultralight’ ones left. We spent $275.00 on calendars and took in $360.00. Be sure to say THANK YOU to Jerry Sarracco, because he increased your Chapter’s bottom line by about $100.00, he brought in enough money to pay for one fourth of a scholarship payment. Thanks Jerry.



Out and About

This from Tom Marson:

I have a Garmin GPS 3 for sale. At $ 95.00 if any one is interested.
Tom Marson 1 715 386-3448. Thanks


This blurb from Captain Eddy:

Please include the following news flash in the March Newsletter----
Winter is winding Down. !!! Signed Ed T

This ‘grave’ note from Paul Hove:

Thomas A. Selfridge
1908 --- 1st mortality in an airplane crash. He was the passenger when Wilbur Wright crashed a US War Department test plane.

Out and About continued:

This from Doug Weiler:

I do have an announcement for the March newsletter. As you may or may not
know, I am pres of the Twin Cities RV Builder's Group (MN Wing of Van's Air Force). We again will be sponsoring the 7th Annual Twin Cities RV Forum.
This will take place on Saturday April 21 at the Red Wing Municipal Airport. Hours are from 8:00 am to 5 pm. The Forum consists of a series of guest
speakers throughout the day (beginning at 9 am), product information displays, door prizes, Van's merchandise for sale, and our soon to be famous RV Discount Desk where one can fax in orders to Aircraft Spruce, Wick's Aircraft, Avery Tool, and Cleveland Tool and receive a 10% discount
the day of the Forum. We plan to have a program for wives at 10 am with "Wife Rides" for those wives who have never been in an RV. Of course there will be lots of RVs on display (last year we have about 27 RVs there and about 200 people). Our afternoon guest speaker will be Jerry VanGrunsven representing Van's Aircraft. In the evening we have a very nice banquet at the St. James Hotel in Red Wing. Our banquet guest speaker will be Wolfgang Irmscher from Kitchener, Ontario, Wolf was a WWII German Luftwaffe pilot and he, along with his friend and RV builder Terry Jantzi, will give a talk on his experiences during WWII.

The cost of the Forum is $20 for the first family member, $5 for each family member and includes breakfast and all the activities throughout the day.
Lunch is available on site. The banquet is $25 per person. We also have rooms available at the St. James for Saturday night. For further information we have a website with the details at Or one can contact me at
715-386-1239 or email at


Doug Weiler



This is from Bill Schanks

Here's a report I read in the magazine-Northern Pilot, the 2000-2001 winter edition. I just got the magazine the other day. It would have been better to have gotten this info last fall, but here it is anyway, it might help for next winter.


Bartlesville, Okla. - Aircraft owners and operators now have a hefty weapon against rust or corrosion during prolonged aircraft storage.

This preventative maintenance tool, now available in gallon containers, is Phillips 66 Anti-Rust 20W-50 all mineral aviation oil. The oil, specifically formulated with corrosion inhibitors, has an active polar chemistry that adheres to metal parts to produce a superior barrier against rust and corrosion.

"Phillips 66 Anti-Rust oil is effective on all piston engines and offers the greatest protection to those with steel cylinders," said Harold Tucker, technical director for Phillips 66 lubricants. "If an aircraft is often inactive for periods of one to three months, it can get added rust protection ... especially in geographic areas where high humidity or excessive condensation is a problem. It was not, however, designed to be an operational aviation oil."

The anti-rust oils meet military specification MIL-C-6529-C for oil types offering corrosion protection and MIL-L-6082-E for approved base oils. Operators who fly infrequently, with several months between flights, may also use the oil.

Tucker says that Phillips 66 Anti-Rust oil should never be added to regular aviation oil and vice-versa, to avoid diluting the effectiveness of both oils. Another word of caution: once the anti-rust oil has been added, the engine should not exceed 25 operational hours before the oil is switched to an ashless dispersant aviation oil.

Tucker offered additional recommendations for long-term aircraft storage, emphasizing that each aircraft owner/operator should check with their engine manufacturer for proper storage procedures.

For airplane storage of three to six months: cover the exhaust enough to allow air movement to the cylinder area, but prevent birds or insects from building nests.

For airplane storage of six months or longer: seal off the exhaust manifold, the crank case breather and oil filler tube to curb moisture from entering the cylinders.

If you have questions about anti-rust oil or other Phillips 66 Aviation Oil products, please contact the Phillips 66 aviation lubricants technical advisors at 800-766-0050.





I would rather be messy and creative, than neat and bored.






March 2001

3 UL-Light plane seminar held in Wausau-Mosinee, WI. at the Holiday Inn at the Cedar Creek mall.


April 2001

8-14 Lakeland, Fl   Sun ’n Fun EAA Fly-In

May 2001

14 EAA Chapter 54 Spring Banquet. Location is Mancini's Char House. The guest speaker is Norm Petersen from EAA Oshkosh.

August 2001

12 - EAA Chapter 54 Fly-in.



Job Opening

Your Chapter is looking for someone to publish the Newsletter. You would get to make 85 copies of the newsletter each month, and attach mailing labels and stamps. The pay is not very good, but the work is not very hard. You would receive the newsletter on Friday and should have it at the Post Office early Monday. If you are looking for an exciting change in career, and want to do something that would look really good on your next resume, please contact Bob Waldron at 651-430-9178, or send your application to:

EAA Chapter 54
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The following articles are lifted from AV-Web. If you subscribe to Av-Web, you have probably already read these.

The general aviation accident rate continues to decline, with a new record low set in 1999, AOPA's Air Safety Foundation (ASF) reported this week. "[The results] show that a combination of improved technology and
pilot education appears to be working," said Bruce Landsberg, ASF executive director. Low-level maneuvering flight and adverse weather conditions were the two largest fatal accident categories for GA pilots
in 1999, unchanged from previous years, according to the report. Mechanical and maintenance issues accounted for 15 percent of all accidents, with just under half of those attributable to engine or
propeller problems. Meanwhile, the Civil Air Patrol also announced this week that 2000 was its safest year ever, with a low accident rate and no fatalities.

Now's the time to start making your plans, if you plan to be in Lakeland, Fla., for EAA's Sun 'n Fun 2001. Sun 'n Fun, running April 8 to 14, kicks off the fly-in and airshow season with the second-largest aviation event in the U.S., surpassed only by EAA's annual gathering in Oshkosh. Display aircraft will include homebuilts, vintage aircraft, warbirds, ultralights and seaplanes. Visitors can browse through more than 500 exhibits, attend workshops on a variety of topics and watch some of the world's best aerobatic pilots perform daily. And if you can't be there in person, AVweb will be there to bring you all the news online.

The FAA has issued a NOTAM for aircraft arriving and operating at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport during Sun 'n Fun. Class D airspace will be in effect from 6:30 a.m. till 9:30 p.m. during the convention, and special procedures will be in effect from 7 a.m. till 8 p.m. from April 6 to 14. The airport will close during aerobatic demonstrations, but will reopen at the conclusion of each show. For even more flight-planning help, the FAA offers a detailed "tour" at its Web site, plus a video that you can borrow from your local FSDO.


If you were among those heartbroken when the space station Mir failed to tap into the tourist trade, maybe you'll get another chance -- if you can wait till 2020 or so. A California aerospace company says it has a plan to hurl pax into space for a relatively cheap fare. Andrews Space & Technology proposes to strap a small orbiter spacecraft onto a hybrid jet/rocket cruiser, take off from any airport, climb to about 30,000 feet on jet power, then switch to rocket power, zooming into outer space. The orbiter would then detach and enter into near-Earth orbit, while the cruiser would return for landing. NASA likes the idea so much it gave the company a Small Business Innovative Research Grant of $65,000. Hmmm ... wonder how far that will take them?




If it were not for the last minute, many things would not get done.



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