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July  2001

Volume 44, Issue 7

July Gathering

will be held on

Date: 7/9/2001

Time 7:00 pm Social

          7:30  pm Meeting

Location: Christ Lutheran Church, Lake Elmo, MN

Topic: To Be Announced



  President's Corner

The goal of Chapter 54 having their very own building, or clubhouse, is almost a done deal. Several people have been working hard toward making that dream a reality. It has been a long, hard, drawn out, some time frustrating process, oft times fraught with seemingly insurmountable obstacles. And yet, our small group of Chapter members, persevered. It now begins to come together. The holes for the piers need to be drilled, the concrete needs to be poured and the building needs to be moved into place and bolted down. Jerry Sarracco started the ball rolling by discovering the building on a whim and thereby planted the seed of an idea, which grew into a challenge for Dave Fiebiger. Dave has exhibited enthusiasm and tremendous tenacity to get this building project up and running. He has spent many hours drawing up the plans and having them State certified, (I donít know how much of this was done at his own expense) contacting the Building Inspector, attending numerous meetings, (along with Jerry) with the MAC and spending many a cold, wet day measuring distances and pounding stakes only to have to relocate them several times until the MAC agreed on the final decision for a site. His enthusiasm is contagious. Al Kupferschmidt caught the bug and went to work on the building removing some of the inside walls and doing some general carpentry on the outside trim work as well as installing some insulation, that was donated by Art Edhlund, on the under-side of the building. There is still a lot of work to do and itís going to take a lot of volunteerism from the general membership who will be bitten by the enthusiasm bug to pitch-in and give a hand. Anyone that has some time and wishes to get involved, see Dave or Jerry or Al. At the last monthís general meeting the status of the building was discussed and the question was asked; ďWho would be willing to volunteer?Ē The response was very heartening. Nearly 100% of the people present responded in an enthusiastic positive manner.

Speaking of positive responses; at one of the recent Friday morning informal breakfast meetings at Gormanís restaurant in beautiful downtown Lake Elmo, the subject of cash donations was brought up. It was asked how many people would be willing to donate$100.00 to the building fund. Of the five people present, each one pledged that amount. Later, when I was told what happened at the breakfast meeting, I also pledged that amount. The same question will be asked at the next general Chapter meeting. So give it some thought and be prepared to make a pledge. I will be asking for volunteers to set up a committee for fund raising. We need some ideas. Any volunteers, Marlon, Ross? We can dedicate a wall in the Chapter building to display plaques with names of donors and the amount of the donation (?) similar to the brick wall in the museum at Oshkosh.

Monday, July 9th is the date for the next general Chapter meeting. The time and place, as usual, is 7:30 at the Christ Lutheran Church of Lake Elmo. The program director, Nick Stolley, was still working on an idea for a program when I talked to him on Sunday, so I donít know what it will be. Last months program, Flight Safety and Pre-flight Procedures-Open Forum, was well received. Due to inclement weather, attendance was slightly lower than usual, but the forum was interesting and probably would have lasted another hour if we hadnít decided to cut it short and adjourn. We will do more of this type of forum in the future. Wednesday, the 4th would generally be our scheduled directors meeting date, but it is a holiday and we will need to schedule it another day. Iíll talk to Tim Reberg, Events Chair, and we can probably combine it with a fly-in breakfast planning session. Stand-by the phone or check your e-mail for further information.

                                   ---- Bill Schanks


Treasurerís Report: 6/28/2001

Money Market $5,676.35

Operations $1,309.31

Cash $ 25.00


Total $7,010.66

Collected $120.00 dues. Paid $500.00 for Chris Haslingís Air Academy Tuition. Paid $80.55 for two monthís Newsletters.



Hardwood Range

This from Tom Marson, a frequent contributor to your Newsletter.

The Hardwood Range has an open house every two years. This is a bombing range 18 miles northeast of Camp Volk in central Wisconsin. There will be B-1 bombers dropping bombs, F 16 fighters making strafing runs at practice targets and dropping practice munitions, C-130s dropping pallets, Helicopters shooting their door guns.  Sandwiched between all this activity, there will be a Civil War cannon shooting competition.

This is open to the public and will be one day only. Saturday July 14 and you canít fly to this one but it is only a short drive for us.

Use your browser to look up Hardwood Range 2001 open house. I for one will be taking my motor home the night before and camping out. Last year there were over 10,000 people in attendance. The hours are between 0830 and 1600.. Bring Lawn chairs. The phone for information is 608 427 1555.

-------- Tom Marson


On the June Fly-in Circuit

This is from Marlon Gunderson, a frequent contributor to your Newsletter:

It's hard to believe with all the rain that we've had in June that so many of the nearby airports had good weather for their Fly-ins. In an effort to get to know my "new" (1941) J5 Cub, I went to as many of them as I could: Amery, Little Falls, Dodge Center, Stanton, and Aitkin. I logged dual instruction with our fearless leader, Bill Schanks, to Amery and Little Falls, and resorted to free-lance PIC Nick Stolley to make it to the others.

After finishing off 10 hours dual in type (for Avemco) Bill signed me off for solo last Friday so I hope to log some solo XC hours to a few of the remaining fly-ins this summer.

Amery was sparsely attended due to a slightly windy morning with scattered light showers. We saw Gene and Rosemary Frank in their RV at Little Falls, which was severe-clear for their flyin, but was also sparsely attended I think due to it's mid-day Saturday schedule. We found and parked next to a twin-sister orange J5 in Little Falls and attracted the attention of it's owner, who became our immediate best friend.

In Dodge Center, and at Aitkin the next week, Nick and I found Bob & Ileen Waldron and their Fairchild, Paul Liedl and his Outback, and Jerry Sarracco with the Lawn Boy Citabria, as well as two of my brothers from Mora with their Cherokee 140 and PA-16. The day for Dodge Center gave us perfect weather and a light tailwind both down and back; my brother Dave remembers clearly the last time he had that happen--in 1978. We also found Dan Bergstrom at Dodge Center in his Spezio Tuholer and Nick saw Gene Bergh with his Cessna 180. Dennis Hoffman took all of 43 minutes to fly to Aitkin in his Midget Mustang from Lake Elmo, about 43 minutes shorter than our flight there. We picked up one of my nephews in Mora on the way up and proved that the J5 with a C90 is perfectly willing to carry 3 people. Stearman Jack stopped at Mora on his way to Aitkin, leaving the same time as us, so we flew together, wishing we had a camera to capture him flying treetop level below us, or banking in at us for a close pass. A 20mph headwind made the trip back home just a little longer, and the mid-afternoon landing a little more interesting. The Rice pancakes were great at Aitkin as usual, and in addition to the usual tractor, steam engine, and classic car display, and flea-market, they also had choir music and a church service in one of the hangars, so there was a little something for everyone, and the organizers and line crew were as friendly and helpful as you'll find anywhere.

------- Marlon Gunderson



On the way to Airventure 2001?

EAA Chapter 992

Center City Flyers

Marshfield, WI

Annual Fly-In


Pancake Breakfast

Sunday, July 22, 2001

Marshfield Airport

Marshfield, WI


Breakfast Served 8:00 a.m. - Noon

Fly-In 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Free Breakfast for the pilot of the aircraft.

Proceeds from breakfast used to fund bus for 65 Space Camp kids to Airventure

For Info call 715-384-8700

Please post this at your chapter






July 9 Chapter Meeting Christ Lutheran Church

July 14 Hardwood Range

July 22 Marshfield EAA Pancake Breakfast

August 12 Chapter Pancake Breakfast


For Sale:

A pair of Mcreary Air Trac 15X6:00 X 6 tires. Used for 10 test flight takeoffs and landings last month on Dakota
Hawk. Essentially new. Includes tubes too. Less than 1/2 price of Wag Aero. $65

Tom Marson


Ed Mayer in Hospital

Ed Mayer, owner of Mayer Aviation at 21D, went into the hospital a week ago. He was operated on for a perforated ulcer.

Ed should be home by the time you read this, but probably wonít be a Lake Elmo Airport for a while.



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