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January 2001

Volume 44, Issue 1

January Gathering

will be held on

Date: 1/8/2001

Time 7:00 pm Social

7:30 pm Program

Location: Christ Lutheran Church in Lake Elmo

Topic: John Renwick will present a program FAA airspace proposal



  President's Corner
Here it is, the end of the year. Time, I guess, for a state of the Chapter report. It has been an eventful year for the members of Chapter 54. The beginning of the year saw a changing of the guard, so to speak. New officers were elected and there were some changes made within the Chapter's structure. Our Website grew and improved, we acquired an official permanent mailing address and we have a new Newsletter Editor. We improved our Chapter House with the addition of some tables and chairs that were donated, we hung up some pictures and painted our podium. We also affixed a nice Chapter logo onto our podium, looks real good too.

As time went on through the year we had some very successful events. Our Chapter was the host for an EAA National Chapter Leadership Conference which took place in May at Valter's Aviation Hangar on the Lake Elmo Airport. The arrangements; the securing of a location in which to hold the conference, the obtaining of tables and chairs and the catering, was all organized by Jim Anderson. There were participants in attendance from all over the country. Right after the Chapter Leadership Conference weekend we, Chapter 54, held our annual banquet at Mancinni's Char House Restaurant. Leif Erickson, the Events Chairman, along with a group of volunteers made the arrangements and solicited some really great door prizes from various business establishments in the area. That same weekend there also took place another famous Chapter 54 annual event; the Chapter 54 Weekend Work Party Program. A good time was had by all, I was told, in spite of Jerry Sarracco's wounds. Throughout the summer, while all these other events are taking place, Al Kupferschmidt and Art Edhlund are busy making arrangements for Young Eagle and Flying Start programs. These two programs are ongoing throughout the year and you are encouraged to contact either one of these people to see if you are needed to help out.

The next event of interest to us all was the annual pilgrimage to Oshkosh for Airventure 2000. Chapter 54 sponsored a young man to attend one of the EAA Air Academy programs. The young man who was the recipient of the scholarship is Brad Spencer, who is also the grandson of our own Jim Olson. Brad later related his enjoyable experiences at the Air Academy to the Chapter members during a program at a Chapter meeting.

A week after returning from Airventure 2,000, the most successful ever Chapter 54 sponsored Fly-in Breakfast took place. We had the largest attendance of people, airplanes, vintage cars and motorcycles in the history of our Chapter. Leif Erickson did a superb job of organizing and arranging this most successful event! Thank you Leif and all the volunteers!!!

That was some of the good stuff!!!! We also had a big storm the summer of 2,000. One Friday night, while we all slept, a wind of over ninety miles an hour blew through the Lake Elmo Airport for about half an hour. It damaged or destroyed many hangars, buildings and aircraft. In among the damaged or destroyed buildings was our own beloved Chapter Building, home to many meetings, Young Eagle events, Flying Start programs and many really good pot-luck dinners. We really miss that building!! As to a replacement for that building, I have not yet heard any official statement. We will keep looking and trying and keep you all informed of any development.

Because of the holiday season, our schedules are disrupted so I am not scheduling any board meeting just yet. We may need to have an emergency meeting to discuss any development in our housing situation. I'll keep in touch. There will be a general meeting on Monday, the 8th of January, at 7:30 P.M. The location of the meeting will be at the Christ Lutheran Church of Lake Elmo (I hope). As of now I am not aware of what the program will be.

--- Bill Schanks


Treasurerís Report: 12/27/2001

Building Fund $2,767.45

Operations $7,345.48

Cash $ 25.00


Total $10,137.93

Not much activity this month, one new member, three renewals, and five calendars sold. December interest will be about $40.00.


Chapter meeting of December 11th, 2000

There were 22 people present at the meeting.

Three new directors were elected. They will replace Gary Miller and Dennis Hoffman and Leif Ericksen. Thanks to Gary and Dennis and Leif for your efforts last year.

A guest, named Todd Balsimo attended and later joined. Welcome Todd. Todd flies a registered Challenger.

Treasurer report was accepted as published.

Al Kupferschmidt and Dennis Hoffman and Jerry Sarracco flew three Young Eagles the previous Saturday.

February 13th is the next International Young Eagles Day. More than 700,00 have been flown to date.

Jerry Sarracco told us of the M.A.C. meeting. Jerry met with Greg Fries and showed him our proposed building. It was NOT what Greg expected, and he was pleasantly surprised. Jerry is the point-man on the new chapter house, and he will probably give us an update on Monday.

The eveningís program was presented by John Renwick. John had a nice slide presentation (in PowerPoint using Marlon Gundersonís 3M brand Video Projector). Johnís presentation was about flying in England. John described two different flights to fly-ins, one on the Isle of Wight. John also showed lots of slides of aircraft at one of the museums that he visited. Johnís presentation was very entertaining and interesting and promoted a number of questions and later discussions. This was a true broadening of our horizons. Thanks John.

If you see John and liked the presentation or have questions about flying in England, or want to know about the new Cirrus airplane that his club bought, please talk to him. He lives in Minneapolis and has a hangar at Flying Cloud and frequently flies out of Crystal, and he makes it to most Chapter meetings whenever he is in town.

---- Bob Waldron Treasurer


Out and About

Gil Leiter tells us:

My Challenger I is within minutes of completion! All that remains is to make two small (about 2" each) on the LexanT windscreen, and then replacing the clecos with pop rivets. This does not seem like the type of task to carry out in the current cold weather conditions (Lexan can crack, you know). I could fire up the furnace and let things heat up a bit, but it does not seem logical to wait around an hour or so for it to get warm enough to do 20 minutes work! Still, we should get a day when it gets up to about 20į or so and then she will be done. Will then be looking for a similar day, preferably with no wind and bright sunlite for an hour or so of low to medium speed taxi tests. Then it will be necessary to re-torque the heads, and she will be ready for flight.

Tom Marson says:

I have a Citabria 7GCBC that I'm going to sell. It is a 1974, 150 hp 1700 TT and 300 smoh. All new spars and heavy duty lift struts. Full Panel and vacuum system. Bendix-King Com-GPS. Original fabric except for wings. Nov annual. $37,500.

Tom Marson 715 386-3448.



This is from the AOPA email newsletter:


The FAA is proposing to expand the Minneapolis Class B airspace by extending the lateral limits from 20 to 30 miles and increasing the ceiling from 8,000 to 10,000 feet msl. AOPA will oppose the expansion, contending that the FAA has not yet provided any compelling operational or safety reason for the expansion. It would unnecessarily restrict general aviation access to public airspace.

Public user meetings will take place on January 9 in St. Paul and January 13 in Eden Prairie to discuss the proposed expansion. AOPA urges interested pilots to actively participate in these meetings. Without input, it is nearly impossible for the FAA to get a complete and accurate picture of the impact that this proposed action would have on general aviation. An AOPA representative will attend the January 13 meeting.








January 2001


8 Monthly Gathering

- Probably at Lake Elmo Christ Lutheran Church at 7:30pm


April 2001

8-14 Lakeland, Fl Sun ín Fun EAA Fly-In



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Jerry Sarracco has a FEW calendars left.  We purchased a lot fewer of them this year, so we don't have many left.  Contact Jerry to reserve yours.  We have some that feature Light Planes and Ultralights.  Jerry can be reached at (651)429-1049 or

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